Activities and publications

Below is an overview of activities carried out under the ArcNames project at the University of Bergen, from March 1st, 2019 to June 15 2021. After this date, you can follow the further dissemination and results of the ArcNames project on my main webpage.


Talks, seminars, workshops and conferences

Thursday, June 10, 2021: Personnavne med genstande og genstande med personlighed – om grænser mellem mennesker, objekter og ”personhood” i skandinavisk jernalder. (Personal names with objects and objects with personalities – about the boundaries between people, artefacts and personhood in the Scandinavian Iron Age). At the 17th Nordic Onomastics Conference (NORNA), University of Helsinki, Finland.

November 18, 2020: I talked about why names was the most central element in early Runic inscriptions in the TextWorlds Seminar Series.  TextWorlds: Global Mapping of Texts from the Pre-Modern World is a research project and network at the Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University. My talk is a part of the seminar Northern Europe 150-1500 CE: The Runic Corpus. Thursday 18 November 2020 16.00-18.00 CEST.

October 20, 2020: In connection with Middelalderuken in Bergen, I arranged a research seminar about the use of place names in Norwegian archaeology. The seminar took place online and was open to everyone. Programme and further information. A collection of papers will be published in the University of Bergen’s archaeological series UBAS.

I presented two papers at the EAA annual Meeting 2020 (see the programme and abstracts here):

Friday 28 August 2020, online: The session “Coping with death at all ages: (post-)funerary practises, mourning and resilience”.  I presented the paper: BORO, MY SISTER, DEAR TO ME. THE USE OF NAMES IN FUNERARY CONTEXTS IN ROMAN AND MIGRATION PERIOD NORWAY.

Saturday 29 August 2020, online: The session “Interaction in action: Human and societal adaptability in response to changes in climate and environment in Medieval Europe.” I presented the paper: CLAIMING AND NAMING LAND. PERSONAL NAMES IN PLACE NAMES AND RESTRUCTURING OF LAND RIGHTS IN LATE IRON AGE SCANDINAVIA.

October 31st – November 1st 2019, Bergen: I was invited by Eldar Heide to give a paper at The 2019 Aarhus Old Norse Mythology Conference, Bergen, 31 October – 1 November 2019: Methodology in Mythology. Where Does the Study of Old Norse Religion Stand, and Where Can We Go from Here? As a part of my quest for a better dialogue between archaeology and onomastics, I will be talking about “Linking archaeology and sacral place names” employing some of the main results from my PhD-project and some new locations.

October 4th 2019, Copenhagen: project presentation. Friday seminar at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NorS), Copenhagen University. In Danish. Open to the public.

October 4th 2019, Copenhagen: Project presentation at the workshop New methodological tools relevant for historical onomastic studies – at NorS, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Part of a workshop series in the Nordic research network New trends in Nordic Socio-onomastics.

September 13th, Krypten, Universitetsmuseet, Bergen: Presentation of the ArcNames Project in Danish/Norwegian. Open to the public.

August 21-23 2019, Helsinki: Presentation of the ArcNames Project and the results of the first Work Package at the conference Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions, University of Helsinki, Finland.



Albris, Sofie Laurine 2021: What do ancient names reveal about identities in the past? Project repository journal vol. 11, p. 12-15. DOI:

PDF: EDMA-PRj11-ArcNames-FINAL.pdf (


Albris, Sofie Laurine 2020: Animal art and personal names in
Iron Age Scandinavia: Different media – corresponding cultural codes? Onoma 55, 77–97. DOI: 10.34158/ONOMA.55/2020/5


A working document collecting personal name specifics in a sample area in Western Norway for a research paper: Albris Report on Personal name specifics in Gloppen and Breim ArcNames-project

Abstracts for all papers delivered under the ArcNames project: ArcNames Abstracts

An overview of semantic motifs in Iron and Viking Age names from Runic Inscriptions: ArcNames Catalogue of semantic themes


Research papers

By June 15 2021, all research papers written under ArcNames were still in press, in peer review or in preparation. When out, all papers will be open access. More information can be found on my main webpage: Sofie Laurine Albris – Researcher of archaeology, onomastics, landscapes and identities


In 2022, a collection of papers called Placing Place Names in Norwegian Archaeology, and edited by me as a part of the ArcNames project, will be published will be published as no. 13 in the Series UBAS (University of Bergen Archaeological Series). The book will be open access and contains contributions by a range of Scandinavian researchers working with combining toponymy and archaeology. When published, it will be available here: Bergen Open Research Archive: UBAS (Universitetet i Bergen arkeologiske skrifter) (