Wrapping it up

The ArcNames project has entered its final week and it is time to review the progress and results – and think about the future. Personally and professionally, conducting the project has been a great experience for me and an incredible value for my development as a researcher. I have had the opportunity to delve into Iron Age mentalities in completely new ways both from iconographic and linguistic perspectives. It has been more difficult and more time consuming than I had anticipated to acquire the proper understanding, especially regarding the linguistic issues. However, I feel that I have reached a new Continue reading Wrapping it up

Taking stock

I have about 6 months left on the ArcNames project. Yesterday, I took time  to review my original project design and assess what I need to do to fulfill all the original goals. While I have achieved what I set out to do regarding teaching, training, conferences and presentations to the public, I need to speed up with writing papers! These have been two years of unforeseen events and challenges both in my personal life and to society in general. My original supervisor, professor Sæbjørg Nordeide became very ill in spring 2019 and later passed away, just at the onset Continue reading Taking stock

Starting up: moving to Bergen and beginning work at UiB

Practicalities March 1st 2019 was my first day of work on the ArcNames Project at the Department of Archaeology at the University of Bergen and the first three months have all been about getting the project up and running. Ahead of the project start, a lot of footwork had already been put in. Getting a mobility grant puts you in for an exciting adventure, but the logistics can be trying. Our family moved from the hustle-bustle of Nørrebro in Copenhagen to an idyllic housing area outside Bergen in October 2018. Bringing my writing with me from my research position at Continue reading Starting up: moving to Bergen and beginning work at UiB